Self sustaining homes Self Sufficiency 

Self sustaining homes: the benefits

Self sustaining homes is one that has started to take off with a lot of steam. People like the idea of being able to live in a smaller area, but still own their own home and not have to worry about paying rent each month or having to save up for a big home that they may never be able to afford anyway. While living in self sustaining homes may not be the easiest thing to do, it does come with a ton of benefits that many people are finding…

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tips to do mini farming Mini Farming 

Tips to Make Mini Farming Easier

Is Mini Farming Easy? Getting started on something new can seem like a monumental task. You may be excited to get started on every aspect, willing to fit in as much things as possible, but limited space and time could be troublesome. When you are ready to try out follow some of these great tips to start making mini farming easier: Maximize the space you have Everyone comes to mini farming with a different amount of space. Some may have a larger area of up to ¼ an acre and…

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Urban in Suburban Uncategorized 

What Livestock Do Well with Mini Farming?

  While gardening is often the first step that you can take when it comes to mini farming because it is really easy to do, another option for those who have the room and ambition is to bring in some livestock. There are many different animals that can do well with this limited space and will still give you all of the great meat, milk, and eggs that you need to stay healthy and happy with your mini farm.  There are a few things that you will need to take…

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Picking the Right Soil, Pest Control, and Taking Care of Weeds

Picking out the fruits and vegetables that you would like to use on your mini farm can be a fun experience, but what should you do when it is time to plant them or after they are already growing strong? There is still a lot of work that you will need to take care of from picking out the right soil, keeping the pests at bay, and even taking care of the weeds. In this chapter, we will take some time to look over these important aspects of taking care…

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