Self sustaining homes Self Sufficiency 

Self sustaining homes: the benefits

Self sustaining homes is one that has started to take off with a lot of steam. People like the idea of being able to live in a smaller area, but still own their own home and not have to worry about paying rent each month or having to save up for a big home that they may never be able to afford anyway. While living in self sustaining homes may not be the easiest thing to do, it does come with a ton of benefits that many people are finding…

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Raising Chickens in the Backyard Backyard Animals Self Sufficiency 

Raising Chickens in the Backyard

 Have you ever dreamed about being self-sufficient and being able to take care of your own needs from your backyard? Do you like the idea of fresh eggs in the morning, being in control of some of your food supply, or even to have a chance to work on 4H projects and other big events? Raising chickens in the backyard may be the answer that you need to make all of this and more occur without having to leave your home.  Raising chickens in the backyard can be an affordable…

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Building a Self Sustaining Home Self Sufficiency 

Building a Self Sustaining Home

 Building a self sustaining home could be challenging, starting from the money that is needed to the location to build it. Luckily, these steps don’t have to be difficult as long as you are prepared to put in some work, knowing exactly what you are getting into. Building a Self Sustaining Home: Finding the Perfect Location  Finding the perfect location can be different for everyone who goes into this process. Some people will just find a piece of land that is relatively cheap in their area. Others become more self-sufficient,…

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Tiny self sufficient homes Self Sufficiency 

Tiny self sufficient homes: the new movement

The tiny home movement has taken the world. In the wake of the current housing industry getting incredibly hard to deal with, high prices and houses are too big for most people to deal with, and the fact, that most people are hard on the environment with their housing choices, many people are starting to turn to a new solution. That solution is tiny self sufficient homes. Tiny homes are a great idea to make some changes. These homes come in under 400 square feet, making just enough room for…

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